A self-taught landscape painter and nature photographer, Judy is inspired by the beauty of this earth, in particular, the diversity of flora, fauna and landscape in the County.

 After living in Ottawa for over two decades, Judy moved to Prince Edward County in 1999 to care for her mother, Dorothy, who was suffering from Dementia. Dorothy had painted off and on throughout her life, and Judy thought painting might be an activity to engage her Mom. With two easels and palettes full of paint, they began an extraordinary journey for Judy. The moment she put paint to canvas,  she found a previously hidden passion and talent. She has continued painting over the last fifteen years, although work commitments reduced the time and energy for pursuing this love.

Having retired at the end of 2014, painting has become the main passion and challenge. This website is one of these challenges, which hopefully will grow and improve as Judy improves her art and IT skills.

Judy paints in a variety of medium, including oil, acrylic, pastel, and mixed media. Most of her work is landscape in pastel, oil and acrylic. On the website, the work is divided into three Galleries: Paintings of Prince Edward County, Landscapes, and Abstracts. For Canada’s 150th birthday, Judy held a solo show with paintings from all Provinces and Territories.

Judy's work can be seen year round at Arts on Main Gallery on Main Street, Picton, open seven days a week, from 10:00 – 5:00. She also has work in the Portabella Restaurant, the County Collection, The Local Store, and showing from May to October at the Waupoos Winery Estates.

 Judy was Chair of the Prince Edward County Arts Council from 2008 - 2013, and is currently Chair of Arts on Main Gallery, a cooperative of local artists, now in its 11th year of operations. She was blessed with a great career as an owner of a consulting firm, Kent Consulting Inc., which provided the opportunity to work with thousands of people, groups, organizations, and countries around the world. Although that fast-paced, globe trotting life is sometimes missed, it has been replaced with a more reflective, contemplative life, on a different, but equally fulfilling journey.

All the art work on this website is for sale, except those marked as SOLD. If you are interested in a piece, please get in touch using the Contact Form, also included in the About section.